Clustering tool for geospatial data


The "Deluxe Integrated System for Clustering Operations” (DISCO) is a second-generation geospatial clustering tool developed to replace the LOICZView tool with a more efficiently designed and standards-compliant application. It offers a range of clustering, other analyses, and data-manipulation capabilities with map-projected as well as linear graphical outputs. DISCO is accessible [here] and has both internal help functions and a background descriptive paper to assist the user.  

Like its predecessor, DISCO supports user upload of data and is linked to the joint Hexacoral-LOICZ site and the US Estuaries site for direct data transfer. DISCO has the added capability of "fuzzy” clustering, which provides added power for evaluating the nature and locations of boundaries between clusters. As is the case with WLV, DISCO’s tabular output can be easily transferred to GIS software, providing enhanced display and additional analysis capabilities.




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