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Changes in hydrological cycles: the need of a new synthesis of ecohydrology, biomedical sciences and water management.

11 May 2012 at 12.00 GMT

This lecture treats the relationship between aquatic ecosystems, water use and human health; and the necessity of interdisciplinary approaches for the development of water policies and disease control. It is emphasized that the comprehension of the multiple interactions among changes in environmental settings, land use, and human health requires a new synthesis of ecohydrology, biomedical sciences and water management for surveillance and control of waterborne diseases in basin-based, transboundary health systems. Surveillance systems should monitor changes in water management, ecotones and hydrological cycles and shifts in e.g. the outbreak timing of strongly seasonal diseases. These indicators would provide criteria for the development of innovative water governance systems combining methods of vector control and the safe creation of water reservoirs, irrigation systems and wetland habitats.

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