LOICZ Current Projects

Project name Acronym PT 1 PT 2 PT 3 ST I ST II ST III ST IV ST V
Aerosol deposition and ocean plankton dynamics ADEPT   X   X X   X  
Asian Delta Project ADP   X   X X X    
Comparative Assessment of Coastal Vulnerability to Sea-Level Rise at Continental Scale COMPASS X X   X        
Estimation and analysis of the seasonal, inter-annual and decadal biogeochemical variability of the world's coastal waters GlobCoast   X     X   X  
European Seas and Territorial Development, Opportunities and Risks ESaTDOR X   X X X     X
Global NEWS: Global Nutrient Export from Watersheds Global NEWS X X     X X X X
International Coastal Atlas Network ICAN   X X X X     X
Knowledge-based Sustainable Management for Europe's Seas KNOWSEAS X X X X X X   X
Managing Adaptation to Environmental Change in Coastal Communities-Canada and the Caribbean C-Change X X X X X     X
MerMex - Marine Ecosystems Response in the Mediterranean Experiment MerMex   X   X X X X  
Nitrogen, Hypoxia and Fishes: Moving Beyond Fisheries Data to Understand Effects of Nutrient Enrichment on Upper Trophic Levels in Estuaries, Coastal Waters and Semi-Enclosed Seas Nitrogen, Hypoxia and Fishes X X     X X    
North Sea Region Climate Change Assessment NOSCCA X       X   X  
Nutrients and heavy metals transfer through the land-ocean interface at the coastal zone in coastal basins along the NE and SE coast of Brazil-Phase II Nutrients and heavy metals transfer   X       X X  
SCOPE Biofuels: Environmental Benefits and Costs SCOPE Bio X X X X X X X X
Sustainable North Sea Coastal Region Sustainable North Sea Coastal Region X X X X X     X
SUstainable solutioNs for ResilIent coastS under climate-related Extreme events SUNRISE     X X X      
The CARIACO Time-Series Program CARIACO   X         X  
The North-South-Network on Climate Proofing of Vulnerable Regions Clim-A-Net X X X X X X    
Understanding climate effects of increased Temperature and Ocean Acidification on benthic invertebrates of the Southeastern Pacific Coastal Ecosystems Understanding climate effects of increased Temperature and Ocean Acidification   X     X   X  

Priority Topics:

1 - Link social and ecological systems in the coastal zone

2 - Assess and predict impact of environmental change on coastal ecosystems

3 - Link governance and science in coastal regions


Scientific Themes:

1- Vulnerability of Coastal Systems and Hazards to Society

2 - Implications of Global Change for Coastal Ecosystems and Sustainable Development

3 - Human Influences on River Basin-Coastal Zone Interactions

4 - Biogeochemical Cycles in Coastal and Shelf Waters

5 - Towards Coastal System Sustainability by Managing Land-Ocean Interactions

Job opportunities: Global Hub Director and Deputy Director

New Paper: in Envirornmental Management Journal-Springer

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