Young LOICZ Forum ( YLF 2011)

Enhancing Capacities for Global Change Mitigation in Asia-Pacific Coastal Zones

At its international Open Science Conference (OSC) on Capacity Building in the Asia-Pacific Region: Coastal Systems, Global Change and Sustainability, LOICZ addressed the integration and future perspectives of changing coastal areas. In order to build strategic capacities for sustainable coastal zone management and effective responses to global environmental change in the Asia-Pacific region, LOICZ organized a special event around the OSC: the Young LOICZ Forum (YLF 2011) Enhancing Capacities for Global Change Mitigation in Asia-Pacific Coastal Zones for early-career scientists and managers. This well-targeted training programme offered the opportunity to enhance soft skills as well as to learn about drivers and pressures on coastal systems and thus to better define their future professional role in coastal management. It provided the next generation of scientists and decision makers with knowledge and practical skills that they can apply in their own country and an opportunity to interact and network with their peers.

What is the YLF 2011?

The YLF is a well-balanced combination of OSC sessions and specific targeted activities for early-career scientists and young coastal managers, including training workshops and practical exercises. It brought together senior scientists, international organisations, and early-career scientists and young coastal managers from various countries for both formal training and open discussions on relevant global environmental change topics. The training programme included tutorials, exercises, and open-discussions to provide cross-disciplinary learning; original workshops provided both practical skills and scientific knowledge. Special attention was given to career advice, including acquiring transferable and soft skills, training-through-research and one-to-one mentorship (one senior scientist was appointed to each YLF participant). A job shop offered the opportunity to network with and meet potential employers; field trips and social events supported cultural understanding. Other features had been the YLF statement ‘The Future we Sea’ and a carbon offset activity. On the basis of the performance in and produced outcome of the different training units, awards were given to the best YLF participants. The ‘YLF champions’ have been awarded to attend the OSC ‘Planet under Pressure’ in London in March, 2012.

Where was the YLF 2011?

The LOICZ OSC 2011 stated an integral part of the Young LOICZ Forum. The YLF 2011 took place from 8-15 September, 2011, in Yantai, China.

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